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Reviews from Elyse’s recent performance as Eva in Kitchen Theatre Company’s Do You Feel Anger?:

“As Eva, Elyse Steingold is vibrant, witty, and honest. Steingold’s delivery impressively lands with every line, and her performance demands attention.”

“As the hesitant, self-effacing (indeed semi-terrified) Eva, Elyse Steingold provides torrents of delight—her scattered, ever-evolving weaving of protective camouflage are arias of dizzying virtuosity.”




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Self-written film – Official selection “Picture Farm Film Festival”


Written proof that I can play roles I never should have been allowed to play …

Elyse Steingold as Portia steals the show. Evoking great confidence and comfort on the stage, she handles Shakespeare’s beautiful and emotion-filled words with considerable ease. Nearly every carefully selected acting choice is spot on and it’s clear she understands her character- what motivates her, what she needs, and what she wants.

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Elyse as Velma was excellent; good projection of voice, lovely dance routines and some wicked facial expressions at appropriate times.

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